Mod maken loont. Althans als je een goede maakt. De makers van Unreal4ever hebben de hoofdprijs gewonnen tijdens het "Make Something Unreal" contest. Zeer knap, zeker als je ziet dat de gehypte S.W.A.T/TacOps Mod derde is geworden.

$150,000 Make Something Unreal Final Winners Announced!

Yes, you heard it right. Accounting issues have been cleared up and with fats wads of cash in hand, is pleased to announce the following winners in the Best Overall category for the $150,000 Make Something Unreal Contest. The Grand Prize winner is going to walk away with a cool $25,000 while the six runners up will get $1,000 each.

Here are the Winners: Grand Prize Winner:

Unreal4ever Tournament Version 6.00 by Holger Huck

Grand Prize: $25,000

2nd Place: 1941 Demo by DanteAnde

Prize: $1000

3rd Place: S.W.A.T. by Shag

Prize: $1000

4th Place: Infiltration by Chris Robbers

Prize: $1000

5th Place: DM-Unreality][ by Faceless

Prize: $1000

6th Place: Conquest by Plutonic, Whit McClendon

Prize: $1000

7th Place: DMRockNRoll Deathmatch Level by Sean Bonney

Prize: $1000

Thanks to Cliff Bleszinski and the Editors at PC Gamer for helping us judge the Best Overall winners. And

a double thanks to the Community Judges who participated and especially to the Creators for making

this contest such a success! We appreciate everyone's patience while we got things cleared up at the end.Wow, 25 Amerikaanse ruggen in je zak, daar wil ik ook wel een paar regeltjes voor coden