De nieuwe patch, versie 411, van Unreal Tournament is vandaag gereleased aan server admins. Hieronder vind je een overzicht van de nieuwe features.

Als de testen van server admins goed verlopen zal hij binnenkort verschijnen.New features (Gameplay):

[bullet] D3D uses vertex buffers for all drawing operations - gives overall performance boost.

[bullet] Can now use number and arrow keys to navigate voice menu

[bullet] Random bots picks from all 32 (not first 16) - including the specially configured ones

[bullet] Can summon specific bots: 'AddBotNamed Alarik' adds the bot with the name Alarik (if he's in the list of configured bots)

[bullet] Now shows waiting players on team scoreboards before start of game (players who aren't ready are greyed out)

[bullet] Improved bot AI about triggering pressure zone when player is in it

[bullet] Changed xDSL and cable modem clientspeed to 10000 (and added separate category in netspeed selection)

[bullet] No longer need to type 'iamtheone' for cheats in single player

[bullet] Demos can now play looping - demoplay demofile?loop

[bullet] Turbo/hardcore mode is now shown in UBrowser for team games