De mannen van TeamFortress HeadQuarters hebben een interview gehouden met het Development Team van Unreal Fortress. Ze lullen over verschillende aspecten van het spel, waarondermeer: teamplay, scenarios en de mapsQ: What aspects of gameplay are you trying to focus more on in this mod opposed to TF? A: Probably our biggest concern along these lines is focusing more on true teamplay. As you know, TF/C can sometimes devolve into team deathmatches, especially on public servers. We want to foster situations where more thinking and team coordination are required. So, to give you a couple examples, our armourer (the combat engineer class) will get many more sophisticated defensive devices the the TF/C engineeer: a more complex SG, plus a motion sensor alarm, laser tripmines, and a security camera. Saboteurs will be almost necessary to dismantle or destroy these with their EMP grenades and disarming toolkit. For another example, our demolitionist will be able to erect a stand-alone mortar that can fire what are essentially small artillery shells at targets out his line of sight. To aim it, our ranger (the forward recon class) will drop a targeting beacon on the spot that needs bombardment.Het interview is hier te lezen.