Hieronder vind je een stukje uit een artikel van Machinima.com over Unreal film-making.

Hier vind je de rest.All movies need a location to set the movie in, and many movies have more than just one set. The sets are possibly the simplest part of the film to creat: just like all Machinima in game engines, the sets are merely maps, or levels created for the game, using a level editor. For Quake, it may be Qoole, or WorldCraft, but for Unreal, the only available editor is UnrealEd, which comes packaged with the game.

It is however, a very powerful editor, and is the editor that the designers behind Unreal used to create the worlds that you pass through- not just the maps, but the scripted movements of the other characters in the world, too. UnrealEd is, therefore, the most important tool used in Unreal Movie Making.