De mensen bij Computer and Video games waren kortgeleden op bezoek geweest bij Legend Entertainment, die op het moment werken aan Unreal 2. Hier werd dan ook een preview over geschreven. Deze first person shooter is één van de meest verwachte games van het komende jaar, en na het lezen van deze preview verlang je er alleen nog maar meer naar.At this point, I was suddenly struck by a terrifying realisation. How could one man, one single, solitary man, with just a collection of weapons, hope to succeed in missions against such insurmountable odds? Mike's answer was both relieving and enlightening: "Teamwork, stealth and heavy weaponry." Eager to hear more, I urged him to elaborate. "Each mission will feature a different tactical situation, including hostage rescue, civilian escort, assault on an enemy base with a squad of friendly troops where you give orders to your soldiers, defence of a structure or area against attacking enemy waves, stealth infiltration and reconnaissance forays into enemy bases, ships, or terrain, or more traditional search and destroy sorties. We also want to have some levels where it's just a joy to use powerful weapons to take on hordes of cool enemies. These pure FPS experiences will balance out other levels that have sophisticated tactical scenarios and very rich gameplay, a mix of combat, scripted sequences, interaction with characters, and solving a few puzzles that go beyond pulling levers." Als je de preview van drie pagina's ook wilt lezen, waarin er ondermeer wordt gepraat over teamplay, graphics, AI en nog veel meer, klik dan hier.