Denk je dat de opvolger van ANNO 1602 verder in de toekomst speelt dan heb je het mis. De meeste vervolgen van een spel spelen later, zo niet bij ANNO 1503, het "vervolg" op ANNO 1602. Wel aardig om 99 jaar terug in de tijd te gaan.

Actiontrip had wat render plaatjes gekregen van de units in het spel.German developers, Sunflowers were kind enough to send us a few character renders and some PR info on their upcoming strategy/management game, Anno 1503. As most of you probably know, Anno 1503 is the sequel to the fairly popular (Germany and the rest of Europe in particular), Anno 1602.

Preliminary information on the ANNO 1503 battle system has finally been released. The battle system has been considerably expanded in comparison to that of its predecessor. The four different units available in ANNO 1602 have been replaced by over 10 different units in ANNO 1503.

For one, there will be Pioneers, which are very useful when exploring uncharted landmasses. Siege engines may also be developed in order to aid in besieging other cities. Proper strategic placement of the different units in the 3D terrain can also provide enormous tactical advantages. Units stationed at higher elevations, for example, have better visibility, and their weapons an increased range.

ANNO 1503 also features city walls which may be traversed and city gates which can be closed .

The choice of game type so typical of ANNO remains unchanged in ANNO 1503. The player decides for themselves which strategy they want to follow, ranging from friendly-cooperative to offensive. The relationship between exploration, settlement, trade, diplomacy, and battle remains well balanced. Depending upon the individual player's gaming style, the expanded

battle system could prove to be very useful to players with a clever strategy. Ook al moet ANNO 1503 nog uitkomen, we wachten al weer op het vervolg ANNO 1404 .