Een van de betere Horror titels dit jaar is zonder twijfel Clive Barker's Undying. Maar aan het einde van de Horrorgang schijnt er licht. Undying bevat namelijk een aantal leuke easter eggs.Giant Sheep

-Hit Tab

-Enter "Open Monastery_Present_Cove"

-Play through the level until you have jumped into the ruined building (from the barn)

-Head to the upper level of this building

-Look for a plank that is extended towards the farm (this is where some howlers were jumping around when you first got into the building)

-Jump up and down at the end of the plank a few times, and you'll see our version of the staypuft marshmallow man...

Disco of Death

-Hit Tab

-Enter "Open Oneiros_HowlingWell"

-Fly up to the big building. Walk in, and down the stairs. Look for a square button on the wall (near the big purple magic field thingy). Uh, push it.

-Go back outside. Fly up onto the roof of the building and scrye. Look for a small purple haze, and fly towards it.

-Getchur groove on...

De meeste mensen zijn toch wel erg enthousiast over deze titel. De sfeer, graphics en andere settings schijnen je echt de stuipen op het lijf te jagen . Om het horror gedeelte wat minder horror te maken kan je hier de easter eggs vinden.