Gamespot UK heeft een review in elkaar gegooid over Ultima Ascension.

Hieronder wat info erover..But, the great achievement here is the new graphics engine - this is the first Ultima to be truly realised in 3D. It looks incredible. With the detail enhanced some countryside scenes could pass as a Constable. This is a big land and it's brilliantly realised, as every city, dungeon or rural location has a different look and feel to it.

This full 3D system also changes the interface needed to play - no longer can you just point and click where you want to go. Instead of opting for a standard, action game-style 3D movement with keys, Ascension champions the right mouse button as the method of movement. Hold it down and you walk forward, turning with the mouse. Left-clicking facilitates interaction with objects and the environment.Lees het hier.