Yahoo business nieuws meld ons dat de Franse gamesontwikkelaar Ubi Soft de Duitse developer Blue Byte heeft overgekocht. Blue Byte is mede verantwoordlijk voor de Settlers serie, welk deel (nummertje 4 alweer) volgens Stomped bijna in de winkel zou moeten liggen.Blue Byte is behind two of the most popular series in the history of video games in Germany: The Settlers Series® and The Battle Isle Series(TM). The Settlers Series® is a well-known economic strategy simulation. Sales figures for the latest in the series, The Settlers III, topped 700,000 in the German market alone. A total of 2.7 million units in the series has been sold worldwide. The next installment in the series, The Settlers IV, will be released on 15 February 2001. There are already a large number of pre-release orders, pointing to sales of 300,000 copies as soon as it comes out, in the German-speaking territories alone. The Battle Isle Series(TM), which features futuristic combat strategy, has sold a total of 650,000 units worldwide. Blue Byte is also the creator of Great Courts, the first tennis simulation that can be played online and over the internet. De hele press release is hier te lezen.