In december 2001 wistten we je reeds te vertellen dat Ubi Soft een schadevergoeding van 6.3 miljoen pond (10,34 K€) eiste van Take Two Interactive. Take Two ging, na het beëindigen van het distributiecontract, namelijk verder met het verkopen van Red Storm spellen.

Nu een 2-tal maanden later blijkt Ubi Soft de eerste match in dit geding gewonnen te hebben waardoor Take Two verplicht is om een totaal van 3,145 miljoen pond te betalen aan Red Storm (of 51,6 K€).Paris, France - February 15, 2002 – In a critical legal development in January in the High Court case between Red Storm, a Ubi Soft company, and Take Two Interactive Software Europe Ltd, and just two weeks before the date of the trial of preliminary issues, Take Two conceded, in Red Storm's favour, these crucial issues. At a subsequent High Court hearing, Take Two was ordered to pay an additional amount of £1,145,000 to Red Storm, including an interim contribution towards Red Storm's legal costs incurred to date. The Court also acceded to Red Storm's request (opposed by Take Two) to fast track the remainder of the case. This brings the total that the Court has ordered Take Two to pay to Red Storm since the litigation commenced to £3,145,000.

“The trial of preliminary issues was the key step in this litigation against Take Two. The way is now open to move rapidly to the full trial, currently scheduled for mid-July, 2002”, said Alain Corre, Ubi Soft's Managing Director for Europe, Asia Pacific and South America. “This acceleration of the trial date demonstrates the Court's dissatisfaction with Take Two's conduct in the litigation so far”, added Cécile Russeil, Ubi Soft's Head of Legal Affairs. “The full trial will determine the whole amount due by Take Two to Red Storm.”* K€ is de officiële benaming voor Kilo EURO of 1000 EURO