Op Stomped hebben ze een leuk interviewtje met Alex Mayberry over de opkomende Bond titel met de Quake 3 engine.JCal: Obviously, working on a James Bond game has to be a huge responsibility, not only because of the license itself but the fact that Rare's Goldeneye for the Nintendo 64 is considered one of the best first person shooter games ever made. Do you believe that developing a game with such a property is harder or easier than working on an original game and why? Mayberry: I wouldn't necessarily categorize one as being any more difficult than the other; both present their own unique challenges. Dealing with the approval process and creative limitations that are inherent with a licensed property can certainly be difficult. But the advantage is that we get to develop a game based on one of the greatest action heroes of all time. We'd be hard pressed to create a character with more class and style than James Bond, so we're very pleased to have the opportunity to bring his world to life. JCal: How is the Quake 3 Arena engine being modified to accommodate the needs of The World is Not Enough? Mayberry: The Q3A engine is arguably the most powerful 3D gaming engine to date. Even so, it was developed for a multiplayer setting. Because of this, the bulk of our modifications have been centered on creating the specialized AI and Game Code that is required to bring the world of James Bond to life, with all of the interactivity and action sequences that this would imply.

Klinkt goed, wanneer kwam hij ook alweer uit?