Voodoo Extreme heeft een development update ontvangen van Tropico, een spel waarbij je een dictator speelt op een tropisch eiland. Uiteraard is de update ook weer vergezeld van de nodige high-resh screenshots. We got a big chunk of the game's music in - we've got an awesome musician doing it - he had some top 40 hits in South America - I don't want to give the full info on him yet, because I think the p.r. agency is gonna do something with that info in a couple weeks.

The political model in the game is pretty much in now, and reasonably balanced. I started tinkering with it earlier this week - first it was too hard - 2 coups and 3 uprisings in 20 years, and I was actually doing a decent job running the island. I've got it toned down now and it's really cool.

Finally, the game's entering regular testing. I got a bug report from Take 2 - London two days ago - 150 bugs - yikes! A lot of them were trivial (typos and stuff), and some others we had already fixed. Still, we've got our work cut out for us.

Je kan nog een paar screenshots vinden bij VooDoo Extreme.