Op planetstarsiege.com hebben ze een patch voor Tribes. Ze hebben drie versies:

van 1.10.5 naar 1.11 (538 kb) van 1.8 naar 1.11 (5702 kb) van 1.0 naar 1.11 (5986 kb)

Three days after announcing a patch to get rid of the cheating, Dynamix has released Tribes v1.11! Here's the lowdown: This patch addresses several client-side cheats. These are listed at the end of this file. The complete history of changes since version 1.0 can be found in the release.txt file. IMPORTANT NOTE! This patch incorporates server authentication of critical models, such as flags, weapons and mines. If you are using modified versions of these shape (.dts) files, you may get an error message when you attempt to join a version 1.11 server. To fix this problem, delete any modified shape files you may have in your base directory. Note that some resources are shared, and the error message you get may be misleading (e.g. cameras and turrets share some textures, so a modified turret may give a error message mentioning cameras). If you can't find the custom models or keep getting the error message, uninstall TRIBES and apply the 1.0 to 1.11 patch.