Pc.ign heeft na het bezoeken van de ECTS haar preview over Tribes2 uitgebreid. Tribes 2 zal volgens velen een echte topper worden en ook hele tribes eh volkstammen wachten erop ECTS isn't all about touring the House of Lords and stopping off at Auntie Lunn's for some hot buns. No, there's work to be done and games to be seen. One of the titles that travelling boy reporter Tal Blevins seemed

drawn to was the upcoming Tribes 2. We're all big fans of the first game and we've been very eager to see what the next installment has to offer. And now that we've seen it, we can pass it along to you. We've got three new movies taken on the show floor of the game in action. The first is your basic duel -- two warriors fighting against each other. The second movie showcases the fantastic death animation in the game and the last movie spotlights the new cloaking pack and all it's

various uses -- okay, there's really only one use for the pack, but it's so darn fun it seems like more. Scroll down to check out the movies and be sure to read Tal's impressions below.

Nog even en dan is ie er.....