heeft Mark Frohnmayer aan de tand gevoeld over Tribes 2. Mark is de Lead Programmer en hij werkt momenteel aan het netwerk gebeuren.T2P: The TRIBES 2 network code has been rewritten from the ground up. Can you give a basic overview of the improvements?

Mark Frohnmayer: Most of the improvements deal with server-side performance issues - threw in some lookup tables here, a hash there, and maybe a linked list or two for good measure I also cleaned it up and made it significantly easier to debug. Bandwidth-wise, probably the biggest change is the cut in client to server bandwidth. TRIBES 1 performed well in most cases, but could get into a nasty condition where (with high packet loss) the client could start to flood the connection, causing the game to become pretty unplayable. TRIBES 2's performance should be much better in those circumstances. We've also worked on our prediction code quite a bit to make sure that some of the more obvious errors in TRIBES 1 were corrected (i.e. mid-air discs that exploded on the client but missed on the server.)Lees het interview