Bij trenches hebben ze een interview gescoord met Lee Rossini; . Ze gaan in dit interview o.a. in op voice-communication, vehicles, game-modes en nog veel meer.Well, for starters, we are going to have three ground vehicles and three new air vehicles. One is the Outrider, which is a one seat ATV that can be used for reconnaissance. The Assault Tank is a two person vehicle with a rear turret on it.... one driver, one gunner. And the forward point base heavily shielded hovering behemoth that carries troops and inventory stations. As for our air vehicles, we have a completely redesigned Scout and Heavy Transport Carrier. We have also added the Bomber, which carries up to three players: one is the pilot, another is the bombardier, and the other is a tail gunner. All the flyers display better aerial physics than we saw in Tribes, and are much more fun to fly!Lees het complete interview..