Gamespot heeft gezellig een kopje thee gedronken met Sierra en Dynamix om over Tribes 2 te babbelen. Ze hebben aardig wat informatie los weten te peuteren en alle kaakjes zijn opgegaan:This morning, Tribes 2 lead programmer Mark Frohnmayer dropped by our offices with a copy of the game to give us an updated look at the game. One of the features that Dynamix has been spending more time on recently is Tribes 2's new account system. Tribes 2 will ship with a complete suite of online features built directly into the game. This includes an integrated web browser, an instant messaging system, a forum, chat rooms, and other components that were external to the first Tribes. When players buy the game, they're assigned a unique user ID that identifies them on every single one of those components that make up the game's online community. According to Frohnmayer, this not only makes accessing, managing, and staying in touch with the Tribes 2 community a lot easier than the original game, but it also holds players accountable for their actions.Zie Gamespot voor meer info.