Dynamix heeft de verschillende game-modes vrijgegeven van hun FPS, Tribes 2.Defend OR Destroy -- one team on offence, the other defending the goal. When the offence meets its mission goal, the mission restarts with the sides reversed.

Recover -- Both teams must fight over an objective and make it back to their base with it. Only larger armor types can carry the objective, and carriers can drop it or be killed, allowing the other team to pick it up, etc. A point is awarded for each time the objective is taken to your base.

Deathmatch -- the typical slug-fest that you find in the other FPS games.

Flag Hunters -- or, as I call it, "Deathmatch with a brain." Depending on the mission, warriors either try to kill all other warriors in the game and collect the flags they're carrying or work together on a team to collect flags from another team. Flags can be cashed in for points at a central "Nexus" for team and player points. Probably the most intense playing I've seen on Tribes 1 so far.

Rabbit -- a flag is dropped in the center of the map. The player who holds on to it the longest during the mission wins. Same kind of gameplay as the schoolyard "Steal the Bacon."Ook hebben ze een preview geschreven die hier te vinden is.