3DActionPlanet heeft een first look geschreven van Tribes 2. Het eerste deel was één van de eerste games waar het echt om teamplay draaide, ditmaal gaat dit weer gebeuren. De graphics zijn echt schitterend, een stuk verbeterd!Perhaps the biggest change in Tribes 2 is the inclusion of fully playable single-player training missions. Taking a cue from Unreal Tournament, Tribes 2 will use bots to simulate the squad- based online play that will be the heart and soul of the game. This will be a welcome addition to gamers (myself included) that were too intimidated to jump online right away. The plot, set in the Starsiege universe, will revolve around the discovery of a new alien race, called the Bio-Derms, which will be just one of the playable squads in the final version. Once finished with the training, players will then be able to take their skills online, with hopefully a much lower learning curve than was required for Tribes. Once online, expect a plethora of options for play. The standard deathmatch, team deathmatch and capture the flag are included, along with a mode similar to Unreal Tournament's assault, and an updated version of Outlaw's classic "Kill the fool with the chicken." Other modes of play may make their way into the final version, and with Tribes' rabid fan base we can expect to see a host of user-made modifications as well.