GameSpy had een interview met Mark Frohnmayer, lead programmer van Tribes 2. Hierin worden alle ins en outs van de Tribes2-engine besproken en gaan ze wat dieper in op de bits en bytes. De verbeterde engine heeft nu trouwens ook zijn dienst bewezen, want de performance en kwaliteit van de graphics zijn er drastisch op vooruit gegaan.Anyone familiar with Tribes and the Starsiege universe knows Mark "Got Milk?" Frohnmayer, lead programmer for Tribes 2 and Dynamix. Tribes was an extremely popular multiplayer game, particularly for its huge maps, big outdoor areas, vehicles, and lots of reasons to cooperate with your teammates. The game allowed building turrets, guiding each other's mortars to their targets and establishing a base defense. A qualtiy engine that is getting a major tweak for the upcoming Tribes 2.

GameSpy - While the number of polygons that an engine can process in realtime is bound to increase, several other technologies are available that can increase the visual aspect of a game, including such items as bump-mapping, "true" reflection and environment mapping, detail texturing, and dynamic level of architectural detail. Will your next-generation engine incorporate any (or all) of these, or any other "next-gen" architectural/environment effects?

Mark - The Tribes2 engine supports reflections, environment mapping, detail texturing and (depending on the type of object) either static or dynamic level of detail. We skipped bump mapping this time around, but it's likely to be first on the list for the next graphics rev. The vertex and pixel shader functionality in DX8 looks really cool - certainly a feature set we'll use extensively in the next version of the engine.

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