Alle Tribes 2 spelers kunnen hun lol op met de nieuwste patch. Beta patch 6 wordt alleen aangeraden voor ervaren gebruikers, want het blijft beta materiaal. Sierra is vooral benieuwd naar problemen met scripts en "null" errors en network strings. There is a finite number of network strings available, the single quote strings. This problem occurs when all strings have been allocated. This is particularly common with mod servers, which appear to be allocating too many net strings. Mod and script developers need to be cautious when creating new strings. Don't create dynamic net strings unless you have a firm understanding of the implications. If a string is added using "AddTaggedString" make sure that there is a corresponding "RemoveTaggedSting" call when the string is no longer needed. Also be sure to limit the number of imbedded strings in your scripts.

Patch beta 6 tref je hier aan.