Op Bluemonday.cc is een interview verschenen met de makers van de trash-een-city-met-je-eigen-monster-game They Came From Hollywood. Het spel is gebaseerd op de slechte B-films uit Hollywood en wordt ontwikkeld door slechts 2 man. Grafisch is het spel misschien niet al te sterk maar volgens de makers moet het spel boordevol gameplay zitten.What are the player's main objectives in TCFH? LARS: Objectives can be set up differently each time the player plays. One time the goal might be "mass destruction", another time might be "capture a certain person and escape alive". We've got several different "goals" one can choose which flavor the player's reasons for being a big monster in the big city. That part of the game has very literal objectives as defined by the scenario being played. The player also gets to set things up and experiment with the universe -- what happens if I put this monster in this era and city, or give the people more time to prepare instead of surprising them? In that regard it's a sandbox game, which doesn't necessarily have a clear objective other than "see what happens". So it's a mix of play and goals Lees het interview verder bij Bluemonday.cc