Na de screenshots van gisteren heeft Quantum 9 vandaag gekeken naar Microsoft Train Simulator. Het spel belooft toch nog vrij indrukwekkend te worden en zal alle treinliefhebbers zeker bekoren.For example, if you did not get this already, you are in control of a train given certain instructions on delivering a cargo from point A to point B. It's that simple. Of course it sounds simple now, but wait until the reality sets where one has to cope with the traffic on the rail lines and not collide with other trains and delivering their precious cargo in time without any damage caused to it. Apart from being an engineer of the train there is an option of being a simple passenger. Given the privilege of looking outside and enjoying the view I would presume. Frankly outside terrain and object details look absolutely terrific. Not only that, 3 weather patterns included in the game, traditional Sun, Rain, and of course Snow! At this point in the development in the game it is unclear if the day and night dynamic lightning will be implemented, however I'm positive that will be added hmm...toch me treinbaan maar weer eens uit de kast halen om te gaan oefenen Alle machinisten in spee kunnen deze link volgen voor de rest van de preview.