MS Train Simulator. Misschien de uitkomst voor de mensen die niet meer in een kamertje met een electrische treintje willen rijden en ook niet door de keuring van de NS zijn gekomen. Deze simulator laat de bestuurder in raad het al, trein zitten One of the more .. unusual titles to be announced recently is Microsoft's "Train Simulator", a game which aims to bring all the joys of driving and travelling on trains to a PC near you. To be honest, it sounded like a pretty daft idea when we first heard about it.

Curious to find out more, EuroGamer's Editor-in-Chief travelled to London yesterday (by train, naturally) for a demonstration of the game at a Microsoft simulators press event...

I have to admit that Train Simulator came as something of a pleasant surprise for me. It sounded such a crazy idea when it was first announced, but having seen it in action I'm happy to report that it does have a certain charming appeal to it.

It's not really aimed at the hardcore gaming market, and will probably be most welcome amongst the hordes of trainspotters, model railway fanatics and railway enthusiasts around the world. But despite this Train Simulator does look like it might be a fun little game in an odd sort of way, and the graphics, sound and sheer attention to detail are certainly very impressive.

Ik ben benieuwd of er ook mensen voor de trein zullen springen