VoodooExtreme stelde (net zoals ze voor alle andere game genres hebben gedaan), een lijst samen met de top3 adventure games van het afgelopen jaar. Typerend voor deze lijst is dat er niet 3, maar 2 games genoemd worden. Dit komt simpelweg doordat er naast The Longest Journey en Escape from Monkey Island in de ogen van VE geen goede adventures aanwezig zijn.BEST ADVENTURE GAME OF THE YEAR – Escape from Monkey Island from LucasArts!

LucasArts revived one of the most memorable series in gaming history and updated it for 3d in this 4th installment to the Monkey Island series. Many fans were upset at the thought of Guybrush Threepwood being in 3d, yet LucasArts was able to make the transition successfully, while still keeping the cartoony feel that is a hallmark of the Monkey Island games. Escape from Monkey Island also had some of the greatest animations I have ever seen in a game -- to quote Sammy Sosa, β€œIt's soooo real!” However, graphics aren't what make Escape from Monkey Island the best adventure game of the year -- the wacky, corny, and always hilarious story is. Starting off as a quest to save your wife's governor's mansion, MI4 quickly escalates into much more than that, including a visit from everyone's favorite ghost pirate, LeChuck. The script, while not as funny as previous Monkey Island games, still had us in stitches with its crazy antics, puns, and obscure references. The puzzles were almost always intuitive and fun, lending even more to the fun factor of the game. Oh, and the game brought back everyone's favorite skull without a skeleton body, Murray. This game is just top notch LucasArts adventure -- let's hope they don't abandon us adventure gamers too, like so many others have.Een uitgebreide review van LucasArst haar Threephwood avontuur is hier te vinden.