Gamecenter vind het altijd leuk om top 10'en te maken over de meest uiteenlopende onderwerpen. Deze keer hebben ze de releaselijst erbij gepakt om te kijken welke spellen het in 2001 gaan maken.

Als extra hebben ze ook de top 10 van vorig jaar erbij gepakt om te kijken of hun voorspellingen waren uitgekomen. Helaas zijn maar 3 van de 10 titels van vorig jaar ook daadwerkelijk uitgekomen in 2000. Een trieste zaak Laten we hopen dat het dit jaar beter gaat.

En het meest verwachte spel volgens Gamecenter is Simsville:Thanks to the wild success of The Sims, there's no question that all eyes will be on Simsville next year. Simsville establishes the middle ground between The Sims and SimCity; you aren't managing a single household, nor are you lording over a major city. Instead, you'll discover that it takes a tricky mix of families and businesses to make a successful suburban village.

Your job as mayor of a small town will be to provide ample housing and employment for your Sims. It sounds easy, but keep in mind that you will also have to keep your Sims' spirits high with good jobs and upscale stores, with the occasional country club thrown in. Meanwhile, you will also have to provide basic services, such as a fire department and good schools.

You won't be able to micromanage individuals as you did in The Sims, but you will be able to track their lives to see how successful they are. You can also move families around as you try to mix and match different personalities to create the neighborhood flavor you're looking for.

While multiplayer won't make it into Simsville, Maxis indicates that there are plans to incorporate multiplay into later iterations of the game. That's assuming it's successful enough to warrant a sequel, but considering Maxis's recent track record and how Simsville is shaping up now, that looks pretty much like a safe bet.

Je kan de overige 9 winnaars vinden bij Gamecenter.