In dit nieuwsbericht meldde ik al dat Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 naar de PC komt en dat er al screenshots beschikbaar zijn. Nu zijn er dan ook nog drie filmpjes te downloaden op Daily Radar in AVI formaat. De links zijn in de quote te vinden:One of the things that really impresses with Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 is actually seeing the game in action. Screenshots can only do so much to impart the liquid action and crazy stunts that make this such a fun game to play. With that in mind, check out these three movies. Tony Hawk (7MB): The Hawk nails a bunch of grind combos and pulls off an excellent wall ride that takes him up and over the top of a building. All that and big air to boot! Chad Muska (2MB): The beanie-'n-backpack sportin' Muska tours a portion of an indoor skatepark. Short but sweet. Bob Burnquist (4.77MB): Tony Hawk's number two man grinds off a long rail, rides across a coupld of dumpsters and ends up jumping up to the top of a lightpost. Sweet!Deze filmpjes zijn overigens onderdeel van de Pro Skate week-feature.