Stomped heeft een gesprekje gehad met CEO van ID Software ,Todd Hollenshead over de GBC versie van Commander Keen.

In het interview wordt uitgelegd waarom ze juist Keen terug willen brengen op de GBC en waarom onze grote held een terugkeer verdient.Stomped: Why did id wish to return to the Commander Keen universe after such a long time?

Hollenshead: There are several reasons. First, we thought that we could make a fun and compelling game for the GBC. Some of us have GBCs or have kids who do, and we honestly believe that a Keen game can be well done for the platform and can really compete well with the best GBC games from a gameplay standpoint. While I understand that it's not a Disney or Pokemon franchise, which is certainly important for the GBC demographic, I think we can make a game that's more fun to actually play. Further, I like the idea of making games that appeal to different consumer types. The Keen games were revolutionary in their own right, and still have tons of fans. I hope we'll see a bunch of new fans with Commander Keen for GBC. Finally, it's a fun project to work on. Like the press release stated, I think Billy Blaze really does appeal to the 8 yr old hero in all of us, including us at id.

Stomped: Any future plans for Keen or other id properties for Game Boy Advance?

Hollenshead: I don't know about Keen and GBA, but I will say that we're exploring our opportunities on GBA. It's a powerful little system and we're excited about it's potential.

De rest van het interview is bij Stomped te vinden.

Ik hoop dat ID ook nog een nieuwe deel voor op de PC gaat maken, Commander Keen is een eeuwige klassieker