Evil Avatar heeft een reactie van Raven Software's Kenn Hoekstra gehad over multiplayer in SoF 2.

In de reactie is te lezen dat het nog niet voor 100% vaststaat wat er gaan gebeuren met multiplayer in het spel. Het zou laten kunnen worden toegevoegd in de vorm van een patch, er kan nog een addon komen of ze maken een compleet nieuwe product zoals "SoF2 Arena". Zekerheid hierover kunnen we binnen enkele maanden verwachten. The fate of multiplayer is still up in the air. I can say that we aren't planning on including multiplayer in the initial release of Soldier of Fortune 2, but there are a number of possibilities once SoF2 ships:

We could release a patch that includes multiplayer.

We could release an expansion pack that includes multiplayer.

We could release a stand-alone product in the vein of “SoF2 Arena” or “SoF2 Tournament” that is multiplayer only. (No copyright infringement is intended...but you get the gist of it)

Basically we are waiting to see how the game is received and what the demand for multiplayer is like in the community. We're holding off on making the final decision until such a decision can be more of an informed one. It's also possible, given our current slate of games and game offers that we won't have the staff or the time to do multiplayer. All the more reason we are taking the “wait and see” attitude.

I should note, however, that Soldier of Fortune 2 is likely going to ship with a random mission generator that will increase the long term replayability of the game. You'll be able to set up mission parameters and generate a random map/mission to play on and no two maps will be alike. Expect to hear more about this feature in the coming months...

Ik zou graag een mutliplayeroptie willen zien in het spel, multiplayer met realistische wapens is altijd fun