Niemand minder dan Todd Hollenshead heeft enkele tips voor de mensen die Return To Castle Wolfenstein aan het spelen zijn. Terwijl het spel in de VS al uit is moeten wij wachten tot 30 november

Waar de tips op neerkomen is dat je vooral moet nadenken voordat je als Rambo naar binnen stormt, je hebt zo meer plezier van de game en je wordt er ook nog voor beloond.A few quick RTC Wolf notes based on some of the on-line feedback I've seen so far:

- The suggested retail price, as indicated in Activsion's press release this morning for the regular paper box is US $49.99 and that is what most retailers should be charging. If you're in Canada, the exchange rate comes into play. The Collectors Tin box is priced about $10 higher because it's more expensive to make and comes with the sew-on patch and poster. Duffy tells me that CompUSA in Mesquite has the paper box and they are currently being sold for the SRP of $49.99.

- You should really take some time to take in the surroundings of the game. You can blow through most of it with guns blazing if that's your style (the game allows for it), but you may miss a fair amount of the depth of the game. When you're confronted with a situation, think about the alternative approaches before rushing in and shooting everything and you'll be rewarded.

- Make effective use of the crouch, walk, and lean left/right keys. They are basically required if you want to be able to make it through the game on the highest skill setting (unless you have 5up3r M4d 5kiLLz).

Return to playing! ;-)