Soms heb je van die games waarbij je echt niet kan voorspellen of het nu een hit of mislukking gaat worden. TimeLine is zo'n spel en deze wordt gemaakt door het gelijknamige TimeLine Computer Entertainment.

Stomped had een first look op deze debutgame.If you are wondering why you haven't heard a lot about Timeline before now, there is a reason: Crichton did not wish to begin promoting the game until it was close to completion. The game was not shown at E3 last May, and Stomped is the first media outlet that was allowed to see the full version of the game in action. (Other members of the media have only seen bits and pieces of the game before now). Now, the game is very close to being finished and is set for release from its publisher, Eidos, before the end of the year. At the moment, all Timeline will say about future projects is that a Playstation 2 version of the Timeline game is being considered.

At the moment, however, Timeline is looking and playing great, and seems to have a good chance of extending Crichton's success in other entertainment fields to games. We should soon see if the Timeline team's ideas of how to make a mass-market title for the PC game market will bear maken in samenwerking met tv-scriptschrijvers? Klinkt als een behoorlijk rechtlijnige game. Maar we kunnen ons vergissen natuurlijk.

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