Voodoo Extreme heeft een interview met Tim Sweeney (van Epic natuurlijk ) gehad.. En natuurlijk ook op hun site neergekwakt. Hieronder vind je er een knippie van, de rest zie je hier.Voodoo Extreme: Obviously you're working on a new engine for Epic. Cliff Bleszinski recently said that it would knock our socks off. Why do you think that your engine is going to be the Next Big Thing? Could we get a sneak peak at some of the features of the new engine, along with a hint at the first game to be using it?

Tim Sweeney: To answer your question, "no".

VE: What do you see happening to the gaming industry in the 21st century? What is one gadget, gizmo, or technology that you'd like to see in the future?

TS: If you back up and look at the big picture of computing in general, extrapolating the 21st century's progress from where we stand today, January 1, 2000, using just Moore's law, then the curve goes off all the charts. By the end of the century, a single wristwatch will possess more computing power than the combined brains of the entire human race. (Do this yourself: raise two to the sixty-sixth power--Moore's law, and divide the result by ten billion--the human population). So, clearly, many very interesting and scary things will happen in this century. I keep thinking of that badge from The Truman Show, asking "how does it end?" What happens when computers become monumentally more intelligent than us? Ascension or armageddon?