Het is vandaag erg rustig in de gamesindustrie lijkt het wel.

Om jullie toch een beetje bezig te houden heeft IGN een preview gemaakt van Throne of Darkness. Throne of Darkness is een spel dat gemaakt wordt door 2 ex-werknemers van Blizzard, die we natuurlijk kennen van Diablo 2. Throne of Darkness is dan ook (hoe kan het anders) een Diablo kloon.Since Throne of Darkness uses a 16-bit graphics engine as opposed to the 8-bit Diablo and Diablo II engine, the game simply looks better than the big dungeon crawlers that we've seen up until now. Like we mentioned before, it's nice to see a game set against a rich Japanese backdrop. As Ben explains it, "We've really been pulling from ancient Japanese myths, art, and history, so the details in the game like the architecture, art, and the mythology are what you would expect." You probably already know about IGNPC's fascination with Japanese culture, especially little Tanuki. And not only is the Japanese setting a nice change of pace, but the colorful Japanese art style lends so much to the look of the game. While the art for the game is far from being final, what we saw yesterday looked much more vibrant and vivid than we're used to seeing in typically dark and drab dungeon hack adventures. The detail in the game at this point is amazing, and the play of shadow, light, and color really helps set the atmosphere of this dark Japanese adventure. Just check out the screenshots below to get a taste of what we're talking about. Vooral over de graphics is IGN te spreken. Volg deze link voor de complete preview