Twee van de betere gamers, Tresh en Makaveli (Q3 kampioen), gingen one on one Q3en op de Dreamcast. Q3 op Dreamcast met twee goede gamers...dat staat garant voor het volgende:When you pit two of the world's most famous Quake players against each other, the PC community pays close attention. When you pit two of the world's most famous Quake players against each other on the Dreamcast, everyone pays attention. Thresh (former world champion of Doom, Doom II, Quake and Quake II) faces off against

Makaveli (world famous Quake III pro-tournament hot shot) in an exclusive Dreamcast broadband (that's right…broadband…as in much better than 56K) demo of Quake III Arena, and we have the play-by-play right here, with plenty of screens and movie footage.

This is the first time two professional PC Quake players have faced off on the DC version of Quake III Arena. This is also the first time anyone outside of Sega has scored video footage of the game (running on a Dreamcast with a broadband connection to SegaNet, no less). Needless to say, this is essential reading for any Quake fan or Dreamcast owner. Overall, how was your experience playing Quake III Arena on the Dreamcast?

Makaveli: It was choppy if you're used to a PC, but for a console it ran very well.

Thresh: When you want to play on a PC with a decent frame-rate, it costs you around $3,000. But a Dreamcast is what? A hundred and fifty bucks to get almost 60 frames per second? That is actually pretty decent.

De linker is Tresh en de rechter Makaveli

Het lijkt wel een compleet rapport maar het is het lezen zeker waard.