Er zijn alweer wat screenshots en movies vrijgegeven voor Thief II. Mechanists, Hammerites -- Garrett's got his hands full with more isms and ites than most theology professors. Fortunately new tools like Garrett's mechanical eye allow you to zoom into objects for a closer look, while the always fun Scouting Orb can let you have a full peek at an area without risking your neck in the process (check out the movies for the Scouting Orb in action). Unfortunately, along with your new tricks are some new enemies in the process, specifically the eerie, and quite frankly, super-creepy machines that you'll have to deal with in your slinking adventures. The storyline is just as involved as the original, and does a good job of continuing in the vein of the first game without feeling like it's recovering old ground, or rehashing the same old themes.

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