Er is weer eens een leuk filmpje van Thief II uit. Hier is wat Insane Gamers er zelf over heeft te zeggen:After we raided the Eidos offices demanding that they reveal the nude photos of Lara Croft something caught our eye as we were escorted out of the Eidos offices. With Wes Harris' clever eye he noticed that there were 2 VHS tapes sitting on the top of one of the desks. One marked "Stevie Case playboy shoot" and the other marked "Exclusive Thief II movie". After being warned not to bother the Eidos staffers ever again we decided to raid the offices once again. This time we would get what we wanted…the movies. We managed to get into the offices and grab the Thief II movie, but for some reason the Stevie Case video was gone. Suddenly we heard groaning coming from the bathroom, and for some reason Wes Harris managed to identify it as John Romero…except the groaning he couldn't explain. The only time Wes seems to remember Johnny being that relaxed is when Carmack slipped some Rohypnol (date rape drug) into his brandy. We immediately escaped the offices before we were caught the second time. The project was a success overall and now we present the exclusive Theif II movie! Yeah! Haal hem hier neer for "personal" viewing