Deze review staat er al een paar daagjes maar ja...Since not everyone has had the opportunity to experience the difference that is the Thief experience, we've decided to give it a bit of a run down. The entire premise behind the Thief games is that you are a *gasp* thief. You play the game from a first-person perspective and that's about where the similarity to any other first-person game ends. Unlike Quake, you won't find yourself toting a huge arsenal of weapons, running around a level as your best impersonation of a god of chaos and destruction. Thief is different from even Rainbow Six. While both games expect you to sneak around, Rainbow Six has you sneaking around only to give yourself the advantage in combat. In Thief, you sneak around to completely avoid combat. If at all possible, you never want to engage the enemy. A perfect night is when you've managed to gather the goods and no one will know about it until it's far too late.