Het is dat ik een voorstukje heb gezien maar de "The Grinch" is een Kerstfilm met Jim Carey als Troll of iets dergelijks die Kerst steelt. Een echt familie film, maar wat is er leuker dan een familie film? juist, een familie game . Je speelt, hoe kan het ook anders, The Grinch. De bedoeling is dat je in Whoville de boel op stelten gaat zetten.

Although the textures aren't particularly impressive, the colorful graphics are appropriate. The story is told in the usual Dr. Seuss fashion, complete with rhymes. The Grinch starts in his lair on top of Mt. Crumpit (which turns out to be a training level) and must make his way to the laboratory. Here he not only finds his supercomputer (which he'll use to assemble gadgets) but also entrances to mission areas. New gadgets can be assembled by finding blueprints throughout the missions. In the beginning of the game, the Grinch only has access to Whoville, but as the game proceeds other areas become available.

In Whoville, the Grinch finds a pleasant town waiting to be vandalized. He must smash snowmen, squash presents, deface paintings, and do other mean-spirited activities. The puzzles aren't too difficult: Most are straightforward and easy to accomplish. Some puzzles require multiple steps, which usually must be done in a specific order to complete the task. Max, the Grinch's dog, can be called upon to do tasks that are too small for the Grinch. He can run in small passages to retrieve keys or open doors for the Grinch.

Het is groen en irritant, maar het is niet Kermit