Avault heeft een review geschreven over Test Drive Off-Road 3. Hieronder vind je een knippie ervan..There are a number of incremental innovations in TDOR3 compared to the second game. This latest sequel, developed internally at Infogrames North America, incorporates a whole new engine and physics model, with more exacting four-wheel independent suspension and realistically modeled gravity. One of the key new features is that you can modify your vehicle extensively so that you have the right truck for the next track. There are now destructible objects and branching courses, allowing you to plow your trucks right through obstacles and barriers, flattening trees and fences to reveal shortcuts. Also new is a technique called "feathering," which allows you to pump the gas to help your vehicle make it up a sharp incline.

There are 27 licensed vehicles available, including the featured AM General Hummer . These differ in their general performance characteristics, including speed, acceleration, power, handling, and suspension. Available means of transportation include the popular Jeep Wrangler and Grand Cherokee, the Ford Explorer and F-150, the Nissan Pathfinder, the Subaru Outback, and the Dodge Ram, with all models of major commercial off-road vehicles present and accounted for. Given the growing popularity of sports utility vehicles among the general public, many players will find their own conveyances among the group. I would have to say the selection is outstanding.