VoodooExtreme heeft een draad in het CounterStrike forum gelezen, waarin vermeld staat dat één van de mappers uit het CSteam zelfmoord gepleegd heeft. De mapper, genaamd Justin "N0TH1NG" DeJong, was verantwoordelijk voor de maps CS_Siege en CS_Docks.Justin "N0TH1NG" DeJong took his own life on Thursday December 7th. And for those who do not know who he is, he made cs_siege and cs_docks. He had been really depressed over the past few months and many of you may have noticed that he has not been on ICQ or IRC or even browsing around the forums. The fact is, he didn't care anymore, he didn't want to be the way he was, he wanted to change, but was just unable to for whatever reason.

Many of you can remember back to April 4th of this year when he tried to take his life then. Though he was in counseling for his problems, it was just something that apparently couldn't be prevented. And I think back and I would have thought this would have not been so much of a shock, but for me to even think that I was going to lose my brother, even now I can hardly believe he is gone.

I loved my brother, and I still do. He is the reason I am here right now writing this to you. Without him, I would have never got into gaming at all, especially FPS. As for mapping, he made me want to be a mapper, though he never sat down and actually taught me how to map, he gave me a push in the right direction with tutorials and everything I would need to know. Ook hier vanuit Gamers.nl wensen wij de familie, vrienden sterkte toe in de komende moeilijke periode periode.

Wil je de hele thread lezen, met de reakties daarop, fiets dan door naar het CS Forum.