Gronik submitte deze link. Hier is een preview te vinden van de super geheime beta van Team Fortress 2 inclusief screenshots!! Helaas wel erg kleine.What they promised: 1. In-game communication system allows players to talk to each other in real-time over their computers.

What you get: Just yourself cussing over your own computer! Sounds like you're almost in the same room with yourself!

2. Commander role directs overall team strategy.

What you get: An extremely belligerent and sadistic commander named General Gabe who taunts you through impossible levels of hell!

3. Beginning and advanced training missions and player coaching.

What you get: Training missions that have no defined beginning or end. And the missions are goofy and will leave you with a permanent psychological goofy handicap!

4. Intel's scaleable muti-resolution mesh technology for optimized rendering of highly-detailed 3D models.

What you get: Plastic looking tanks and helicopters. Army men toy tanks look better!

5. Advanced parametric animation for realistic character movement.

What you get: Characters move like wooden dummies or a dead guy with rigormortis!