Nadat Valve eerder bekend heeft gemaakt dat TFC2 niet op E3 komt, maar dat er binnenkort wel een TFC 1.5 komt, heeft Pc.ign een interview gehad met Robin Walker, mede-bedenker van Team Fortress en Game Designer/Development Engineer bij Valve.IGNPC: How have you been tweaking the different professions in TF2? Can you go into what sort of changes have been made, or what new features you've added (or are considering adding) to the game? RW: We're constantly tweaking the classes, rolling in feedback from playtests, and arguing over class abilities and weapons. We've spent most of our time working on increasing the amount of interaction between classes, and trying to make it fun to work with other classes. The Medic's ability to bring dying players back to life is a good example. If you die, you can gasp out "Mediiic!" with your last breath, and if a Medic gets to you soon enough, he/she can revive you. Playtesting showed us that people loved being revived almost as much as Medics loved to revive them, but that it was a chore for Medics to find the people who needed them, so they weren't doing it as much as they'd like to. So we've added features to the Medic's radar, and to the Commander's HUD, to find the nearest team-members who need healing. Now Commander's can see when a team-member is dying, can select the nearest Medic, and order him to revive the player. The Medic's radar shows him/her exactly how to find the dying team-member. Er valt nog veel meer te lezen in het interview, wat je hier kan lezen.