De mensen van Planet Quake zijn de mensen van Id software tegen het lijf gelopen en daar kwam een mooie preview uit.

Van de nieuwe mission pack voor Q3A.

En bij die preview zaten natuurlijk een paar leuke screenshots. Almost everything about the mission pack is completely different from standard Q3A, from the HUD to the models to the gameplay modes. Here's what you can expect to see. The Weapons There are three new weapons appearing in the mission pack; one of them is an old favorite (at least for me personally) from Quake 1, and another is making a repeat appearance from Quake 2. The Nailgun: This works much the same way as the nailgun from Quake 1, but naturally it looks a lot nicer in the Q3A engine. The Chaingun: Like its Quake 2 counterpart, this weapon "eats up ammo at an alarming rate," according to Robert. Proximity Mines: This weapon lays down sticky mines that only go off when someone - including yourself - gets close enough to them. What's fun is that you're able to prox mine your opponent: when the mines hit them they stick to them, and they're not able to remove them. Your enemy, meanwhile, gets a nice little countdown to their own messy death.

Wil je de hele preview lezen klik dan hier. En hier is een link naar de page met de screenshots.