Gamespy heeft ook een review van Iron Plague. Deze addon van TA:K heeft 1 extra ras. Dit ras, Creon, blijkt erg goed te zijn.One of the great things about all of Cavedog's games so far, Iron Plague included, is that the third-party community can really sink their teeth into the games by making new maps and units. Even Cavedog will release the odd map and unit on occasion. This leads to a game that never really becomes stale. There is still a rabid TA community, and a TA:K community that is not as large, but no less rabid. This guarantees that you get your bang for your bang with a Cavedog product. Ondanks dat Cavedog overleden is, blijft het goede produkten afleveren (hoewel TA:K "gemixed" ontvangen is)