IGN heeft een preview van de nieuwe space sim van Novalogic, Tachyon: The Fringe, online gemikt:Tachyon takes a page from Privateer by giving you control over mission choices, wingmen, and ship maintenance. Though it's in no way purely free form (you'll find that out as soon as you're framed and thrown into Fringe in a great plot device), it's a nice blend of a great story with an open structure, cemented together with Campbell's voiceover. When you begin, you're an independent contractor selecting which jobs you'll undertake, and adding choice weaponry to one of two ships under your control. Because you're in it for the money, it's interesting to see the story unfold without your direct involvement, having you defend GalSpan in one mission while doing the same for the Bora in the next. Believe me, you'll be for and against certain entities in the game given time, but the slant is still on the almighty dollar, something always welcome in a space sim.