Het spel werd niet al te goed ontvangen. Vooral de keyboard-rape achtige style van spelen was niet bestemd voor menig keyboard en joystick.

Daarom gaat Sydney 2000 in de uitverkoop voor slechts 10 dollar.Ha, ha! It's not nice to laugh about such things, but I guess "I told you so!" is in order. I'm taking a wild stab in the dark here, but I'm guessing that because of so many reclamation (broken down keyboards and joypads) EIDOS had to lower the price of Sydney 2000 game down to a measly $10 dollars. The publishers claim the move is caused by the fading interest in the game due to the fact that the Olympics are in its final stages, but we know better. Maybe the sales would go up again if EIDOS included a free ergonomic keyboard with every copy of the game. Now there's a proposition they should take into consideration. That should crank up the price right back to $20 bucks!Auw, stel je voor dat je er gisteren 100,- voor zou hebben betaald.