[**ATTF**]RogueSpear en Teknoman" vertelden ons dat Swat3 Elite edition goud is. De elite edition heeft oa. multiplayer, nieuwe missies, wapens en een compleet arsenaal aan editing tools.

De originele versie van Swat 3: Close Quarters Battle zit ook in het pakket.The game is so much more than 'just a gold version of the original.' The team has added an incredible amount of content and features, to the point that S3EE is a unique experience. Fans will find that all aspects of the original game have been enhanced. In addition to the multi-person mode, new multi-person and single user missions are included: a hostage rescue mission at LA General Hospital, a scenario set on the LA commuter train, one set in Chang's Chinese Theater, and a cool mission that has the German Rap Star Tristan as one of the enemies.

"Also included are MOD support tools, including our level editor, a scenario editor that allows users to change mission objectives and character personalities, a MOD that enables users to import and export missions, and all the information needed to design and create new missions, characters and weapons--including sample textures and levels. The boxed version of S3EE includes the original Close Quarters Battle game, so the product will contain 21 missions, full MOD support, and fantastic single and multi-person gaming.