Voodoo Extreme vertelde dat Gibworld een review van een van de laatste games van Sierra, SWAT 3 online heeft gekickt.GibbedWorld has a review up of Sierra's recently released SWAT 3. Touting a spiffy new graphics engine and superior AI, its no suprise to see it score 86% overall. Here's a snip: Being a member of a non-military unit, you aren't endowed with chain-guns or rocket launchers, but you do have a choice of three excellently realized rifles to subdue your foes. There's the H&K MP5 (suppressed and non-suppressed versions), the M4A1, and the Benelli 12-gauge tactical shotgun. Each feels like it's real-life counterpart, having the same offensive firepower, range, sound, and penetrating capability. Creating a team with an appropriate mix of weaponry is essential, because the LAST thing you want is a team who have nothing better than shotguns to battle enemies at the other end of a long corridor. In addition to rifles, you can also choose your mix of ammo! Lethal ammo may be armor-piercing and useful for beating terrorists, but something 'less-than-lethal' may be more called for in subduing anarchistic civilians. I just prefer to go out and flog unknowing civilians with the famous rubber chicken.