Een beetje rare review zonder plaatjes enzo, maar ja ik heb ze maar van de homeoage van Supreme Snowboarding gehaald.Snowboarding games on the PC have never really taken off, despite the fact that some are outrageously popular on consoles. Still, the latest offering, this time from French based Infogrames, looks set to change all that. It promises to bring arcade action to all of our desktops, and to top it off, the graphics are better than any console snowboarding game I have seen, by a long shot

At first looks, this game looks very promising. The screenshots have ridiculously good graphics, and the box is not over the top in the 'radical snowboarder' style. Very accessible for us people who know better! And once you install it and load it up, things just get better and better. The exciting intro movie combined with a great soundtrack gets you positively salivating in expectation, and even the menu screens have great graphics.

Trouwens ziet er best wel lache uit.

Download hier de demo. (49.6MB)