Op PlanetTribes is te lezen dat een oud medewerker van Dynamix contact heeft gehad met Nicholas F. Longano, Senior Vice President of Marketing van Vivendi Universal Games (eigenaar van Sierra).

Volgens hem blijft de support voor Tribes 2 gewoon doorgaan, zowel in de vorm van updates als de normale support. Over de toekomst van Dynamix wilde hij niks zeggen. I talked to Nicholas F. Longano, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Vivendi Universal Games today. (Yes I am nutty enough to call the corporate office, why do you ask) He told me Tribes II will live and receive all necessary support including patches. He basically stated that Tribes II is a very important product for his company and that Mondays announcement will clear up any doubts about the games future. He would not comment on the future of the Dynamix division. I think Vivendi is doing what a lot of publicly traded companies are right now in the face of a stagnant economy and a depressed stock market. They are cutting costs and reorganizing. What better way to show angry stockholders what an effective management team you are than by "cutting the fat".

Dit is niet officieel maar de betrouwbaarheid is redelijk hoog. Ongetwijfeld volgt er binnenkort nog een persverklaring waarin alles netjes wordt uitgelegd.